Dear Myth Supporters

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support since we first established the company in 2001. I also wanted to give my heart-felt apologies to you for abruptly closing down the company and no longer being able to deliver great, creative anime licensed urban gear.

Publication of this message is long overdue - I feel that all the people who supported Myth as we developed deserve an explanation as to what happened to the company.

Myth troubles began in early 2006 when the Musicland Group (Sun Coast, Sam Goody, and Media Play) filed for bankruptcy. The substantial amount that Musicland Group owed our company at that time equaled the previous 18 months’ profit. In advance of the holiday shopping season of 2005, prior to their bankruptcy announcement, the Musicland Group had placed a massive order that was produced and subsequently withheld due to concern of their financial crisis. This caused major issues for our company because we had invested our resources on production of merchandise from this very large retailer order. As CEO of the company, I invested personal capital resources into Myth, which I felt would sustain the company through this time of difficulty. I always believed in the Myth brand and the quality of our products. I believed Myth could overcome these issues. We found ourselves on the brink of recovery and acquired the Bleach urban gear license. Unfortunately, the company was do be dealt another blow.

In the spring of 2007, I was diagnosed with a severe health condition and was forced to deal with these problems in my personal life. Despite my commitment to Myth, I ultimately spent much more time in the hospital than at work. Because of my extended absence, Myth began to crumble due to lack of leadership and guidance. I hope all those who have supported us through the years will understand and accept my apology. Today, as a company and brand, Myth no longer exist but we hope it will exist in your hearts, as it will always be in the heart of everyone at Myth.

I am now healthy again and want to do what I can for you, our supporters. The future lies ahead and I will endeavor to bring the same quality you came to expect from Myth to any future projects.

Thank you.

Jean-Binh Valente

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